Amazon Simple Email Service
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Amazon SES Complaints Through Email Providers FAQ

This topic provides information about complaints that Amazon SES receives through email providers (also called mailbox providers). For general information that applies to all types of complaints, see the Amazon SES Complaint FAQ.

Q1. How is this type of complaint reported?

An email provider reported to Amazon SES that a significant number of its customers marked your emails as spam. The report was provided to Amazon SES through a means other than the feedback loops described in the Amazon SES Complaints Through ISP Feedback Loops FAQ.

Q2. Are these complaints included in the complaint rate statistic shown in the Amazon SES console and returned by the GetSendStatistics API?

No. The complaint rate statistic you retrieve using the Amazon SES console or the GetSendStatistics API only includes complaints that Amazon SES receives through ISP feedback loops.

Q3. Why haven't I heard about these complaints through email feedback notifications or through Amazon SNS?

Email feedback forwarding and Amazon SNS notifications only include complaints that Amazon SES receives through ISP feedback loops.

Q4. How can I find out which email addresses complained?

Email providers typically do not disclose this information. However, rather than focusing on removing individual recipients from your list, you need to focus on finding and fixing the underlying problem. Start by reviewing your list acquisition process and the content of your emails to try to understand why your recipients might not appreciate your email.

Q5. Can I get a sample email?

No. Email providers typically do not provide an example email.

Q6. I have received a probation or shutdown notice for this type of complaint. What should I do?

Fix your system so that your mailing list only includes recipients who have specifically signed up to receive your mail, and ensure that the email content itself is something your recipients actually want. Then, please email us with the details of your changes so that we can start the process of re-evaluating your case. If you are on probation and three weeks pass and we don't hear from you at all, we will have to disable your sending if we are still getting complaints about your mail. If you appealing a shutdown, then the information you send us needs to convince us that if you start sending again, the problem will no longer occur.