Amazon Simple Email Service
Developer Guide

Step 2: Add an Event Destination Using Amazon SES

Event destinations represent AWS services to which you publish email sending events such as bounces, complaints, deliveries, sent emails, and rejected emails. Each event destination that you set up belongs to one, and only one, configuration set. When you set up an event destination with Amazon SES, you choose the AWS service destination, and you specify parameters associated with that destination.

There are two event destinations: Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon Kinesis Firehose. The event destination that you choose depends on the level of detail you want about the events. If you simply want a running total of each type of event (for example, so that you can set an alarm when the total gets too high), use CloudWatch. If you want detailed event records that you can output to another service such as Amazon Elasticsearch Service or Amazon Redshift for analysis, choose Kinesis Firehose.

The following topics explain how to set up each type of event destination.