Amazon Simple Email Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2010-12-01)

Step 2: Set up a Configuration Set

To set up Amazon SES to publish your email sending events to Amazon Kinesis Firehose, you create a configuration set, and then you add a Firehose event destination to the configuration set. This section describes how to accomplish those tasks.

If you already have a configuration set, you can add a Firehose destination to your existing configuration set. In this case, skip to Adding a Firehose Event Destination.

Creating a Configuration Set

The following procedure describes how to create a configuration set.

To create a configuration set

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon SES console at

  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Configuration Sets.

  3. In the content pane, choose Create Configuration Set.

  4. Type a name for the configuration set, and then choose Create Configuration Set.

  5. Choose Close.

Adding a Firehose Event Destination

The following procedure shows how to add a Firehose event destination to the configuration set you created.

To add a Firehose event destination to the configuration set

  1. Choose the configuration set from the configuration set list.

  2. For Add Destination, choose Select a destination type, and then choose Firehose.

  3. For Name, type a name for the event destination.

  4. Select all Event types.

  5. Select Enabled.

  6. For Stream, choose the delivery stream that you created in Step 1: Create a Firehose Delivery Stream.

  7. For IAM role, choose Let SES make a new role, and then type a name for the role.

  8. Choose Save.

  9. To exit the Edit Configuration Set page, use the back button of your browser.

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