Amazon Simple Email Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2010-12-01)

Step 1: Create a Firehose Delivery Stream

To analyze Amazon SES email sending events with Amazon Kinesis Analytics, you must configure Amazon SES to publish the events to an Amazon Kinesis Firehose delivery stream, and then configure Amazon Kinesis Analytics to get the event data from Firehose.

When you set up a Firehose delivery stream, you choose the final destination of the data. Your destination options are Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elasticsearch Service, and Amazon Redshift. If you simply want to analyze email sending events with Amazon Kinesis Analytics, it does not matter which destination you choose. For this tutorial, we configure Firehose to publish the data to Amazon S3, but you can use the other destination options if they are in the same region as your Amazon SES sending and Firehose delivery stream.

This section shows how to create a Firehose delivery stream using the Firehose console. For this tutorial, we choose basic options. For information about all available options, see Creating an Amazon Kinesis Firehose Delivery Stream in the Amazon Kinesis Firehose Developer Guide.

To create a delivery stream from Firehose to Amazon S3

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Firehose console at

  2. Choose Create Delivery Stream.

  3. On the Destination page, choose the following options.

    • Destination – Choose Amazon S3.

    • Delivery stream name – Type a name for the delivery stream.

    • S3 bucket – Choose an existing bucket, or choose New S3 Bucket. If you create a new bucket, type a name for the bucket and choose the region your console is currently using.

    • S3 prefix – Leave this field empty.

  4. Choose Next.

  5. On the Configuration page, leave the fields at the default settings. The only required step is to select an IAM role that enables Firehose to access your resources, as follows:

    1. For IAM Role, choose Select an IAM role.

    2. In the drop-down menu, under Create/Update existing IAM role, choose Firehose delivery IAM role.

      You are taken to the IAM console.

    3. In the IAM console, leave the fields at their default settings, and then choose Allow.

      You return to the Firehose delivery stream set-up steps in the Firehose console.

  6. Choose Next.

  7. On the Review page, review your settings, and then choose Create Delivery Stream.

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Step 2: Set up a Configuration Set

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