Amazon Simple Email Service
Developer Guide

Monitoring Using the Amazon SES Console or API

You can monitor your bounce, complaint, sent, and rejected email statistics by using the Amazon SES console or the Amazon SES API. You can use the API by calling the Query (HTTPS) interface directly or indirectly through an AWS SDK, the AWS Command Line Interface, or the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell.

Monitoring Your Usage Statistics Using the Amazon SES Console

The following procedure shows you how to view your usage statistics using the Amazon SES console.

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon SES console at

  2. In the Navigation pane, click Sending Statistics. Your usage statistics are shown under Your Amazon SES Metrics.


    The Deliveries graph corresponds to the number of emails you have sent.

  3. To view trend data for any metric, double-click the corresponding graph.

  4. To update the display, click the Refresh button.

Monitoring Your Usage Statistics Using the Amazon SES API

The Amazon SES API provides the GetSendStatistics action, which returns information about your service usage. We recommend that you use GetSendStatistics on a regular basis, so that you can monitor your sending activity and make adjustments as needed.

When you call GetSendStatistics, you will receive a list of data points representing the last two weeks of your sending activity. Each data point in this list represents 15 minutes of activity and contains the following information for that period:

  • Bounces (hard bounces only)

  • Complaints

  • Delivery attempts (corresponds to the number of emails you have sent)

  • Rejected send attempts

  • Timestamp


For a complete description of GetSendStatistics, go to the Amazon Simple Email Service API Reference.