Amazon Simple Email Service
Developer Guide

Editing an Amazon SES Cross-Account Notification Configuration

The easiest way to edit notification configurations is to use the Amazon SES console. If you want to use the Amazon SES API instead, you can use the SetIdentityNotificationTopic API and pass the identity's ARN as the Identity parameter. This action is explained in the Amazon Simple Email Service API Reference.

The following procedure shows you how to edit a cross-account notification configuration by using the Amazon SES console.

To edit a cross-account notification configuration by using the Amazon SES console

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon SES console at

  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Cross-Account Notifications.

    The cross-account identities for which you have set up notifications will be listed in the Cross-Account Notifications details pane.

  3. Choose the ARN of the identity for which you want to view the notification configuration.

  4. Edit the notification settings, and then choose Save Config.


    Setting all notifications to No SNS Topic is the equivalent of removing the identity's notification configuration entirely. In this case, the ARN of the cross-account identity will disappear from your list of cross-account identity ARNs in the Amazon SES console. This does not mean that you cannot continue to send for that identity; it just means that you are no longer set up to receive bounce, complaint, and/or delivery notifications for it. If you want to re-enable notifications, you need to repeat the notification setup procedure described in Setting Up a Notification Configuration.