Amazon Simple Email Service
Developer Guide

Using Delegate Sender Notifications for Amazon SES Sending Authorization

As a delegate sender, you can set up Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) notifications to inform you of bounces, complaints, and deliveries. The format and content of these notifications are described in Amazon SES Notifications Through Amazon SNS. Only the identity owner has the option to receive notifications by email feedback forwarding as described in Amazon SES Notifications Through Email.


As the delegate sender, bounces and complaints count toward your bounce and complaint metrics. High bounce and complaint rates put your account at risk of being shut down, so ensure that you set up notifications and have a process in place to monitor the notifications and remove recipient addresses that have bounced or complained from your mailing list.

You will be charged standard Amazon SNS rates for bounce, complaint, and delivery notifications. For more information, see the Amazon SNS pricing page.

The following sections show you how to manage cross-account identity notifications.