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Flash Support

For most websites, the HTML5 video element is the best way to display video content on Amazon Silk. When you embed video files with the video element, you enable your site visitors to view content without a plug-in.

While HTML5 may provide the best solution, many sites still use Flash to deliver video. Because Adobe no longer supports the Flash plug-in for Android devices, Silk makes use of an experimental streaming viewer (ESV) to play Flash media. The ESV enables users to watch Flash content on supported websites.

With the ESV, Silk users can view Flash content on Kindle Fire without downloading any client-side files or applications.

Because it’s still experimental, the streaming viewer isn’t available on every site. Amazon Silk supports Flash streaming for a number of sites, including,,,, and, and we're actively adding support for new sites.

Note that if your site delivers interactive Flash content or games, the ESV probably won’t be a good fit for your content. It's only intended for video streaming.