AWS Snowball
User Guide

Shipping Considerations for AWS Snowball

Following, you can find information about how shipping is handled for AWS Snowball, and a list that shows each AWS Region that is supported. The shipping rate you choose for a job will apply to both sending and receiving the Snowball or Snowballs used for that job. For information on shipping charges, see AWS Snowball Pricing.


When you create a job, you specify a shipping address and shipping speed. This shipping speed doesn’t indicate how soon you can expect to receive the Snowball from the day you created the job. It only shows the time that the appliance is in transit between AWS and your shipping address. That time doesn’t include any time for processing, which depends on factors including job type (exports take longer than imports, typically) and job size (80 TB models take longer than 50 TB models, typically). Also, carriers generally only pick up outgoing Snowballs once a day. Thus, processing before shipping can take a day or more.

Shipping Carriers

When you create a job, you provide the address that you want the Snowball shipped to. The carrier that supports your region handles the shipping of Snowballs from AWS to you, and from you back to AWS. Whenever a Snowball is shipped, you'll get a tracking number. You can find each job's tracking number and a link to the tracking website from the AWS Snowball Management Console's job dashboard, or by using API calls to the job management API. Following is the list of supported carriers for Snowball by region:

  • For India, Amazon Logistics is the carrier.

  • For all other regions, UPS is the carrier.

AWS Snowball Pickups in the EU, US, and Canada

In the EU, US, and Canadian regions, keep the following information in mind for UPS to pick up a Snowball:

  • You arrange for UPS to pick up the Snowball by scheduling a pickup with UPS directly, or take the Snowball to a UPS package drop-off facility to be shipped to AWS. To schedule a pickup with UPS, you’ll need to have a UPS account.

  • The prepaid UPS shipping label on the E Ink display contains the correct address to return the Snowball.

  • The Snowball will be delivered to an AWS sorting facility and forwarded to the AWS data center. UPS will automatically report back a tracking number for your job.


Unless personally instructed otherwise by AWS, never affix a separate shipping label to the Snowball. Always use the shipping label that is displayed on the Snowball's E Ink display.

Snowball Pickups in Australia

In Australia, keep the following information in mind to schedule a Snowball pickup.

In Australia, if you're shipping a Snowball back to AWS, send an email to with Snowball Pickup Request in the subject line so we can schedule the pickup for you. In the body of the email, include the following information:

  • Job ID – The job ID associated with the Snowball that you want returned to AWS.

  • AWS Account ID – The ID for the AWS account that created the job.

  • Postcode – The postcode for the address where we originally shipped the Snowball to you.

  • Earliest Pickup Time (your local time) – The earliest time of day that you want the Snowball picked up.

  • Latest Pickup Time (your local time) – The latest time of day that you want the Snowball picked up.

  • Email Address – The email address that you want the pickup request confirmation sent to.

  • Special Instructions (optional) – Any special instructions for picking up the Snowball.

Soon, you'll get a follow-up email from UPS to the email address you specified with more information about your pending pickup, scheduled for the soonest available date.

Snowball Pickup in India

In India, Amazon Logistics will call you around the end of your 10 free days with this Snowball to schedule a pickup. To return the Snowball earlier, call Amazon Logisitics at 1800-3000-2034. Include your tracking number in your request.

Region-Based Shipping Restrictions

Before you create a job, you should sign in to the console from the AWS Region that your Amazon S3 data is housed in. A few shipping restrictions apply, as follows:

  • For data transfers in US regions, we don't ship Snowballs outside of the United States.

  • We don't ship Snowballs between non-US regions—for example, from EU (Ireland) to EU (Frankfurt), or from Asia Pacific (Mumbai) to Asia Pacific (Sydney).

  • For data transfers in Asia Pacific (Sydney), we only ship Snowballs within Australia.

  • For data transfers in Asia Pacific (Mumbai), we only ship Snowballs within India.

  • For data transfers in the EU regions, we only ship Snowballs to the 28 EU member countries listed following: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.


AWS will not ship a Snowball to a post office box.

Shipping Speeds

Each country has different shipping speeds available. These shipping speeds are based on the country in which you're shipping a Snowball. Shipping speeds are as follows:

  • Australia – When shipping within Australia, you have access to express shipping. Typically, Snowballs shipped express are delivered in about a day.

  • European Union (EU) – When shipping to any of the countries that within the EU, you have access to express shipping. Typically, Snowballs shipped express are delivered in about a day. In addition, most countries in the EU have access to standard shipping, which typically takes less than a week, one way.

  • India – When shipping within India, Snowballs arrive in one to seven days.

  • United States of America (US) and Canada – When shipping within the US or Canada, you have access to one-day shipping and two-day shipping.