Video on Demand on AWS
Video on Demand on AWS

Appendix C: Publishing Workflow

When encoding is complete, Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) sends a notification that triggers an AWS Lambda function that starts the publishing process. The publishing process includes:

      Video on demand solution publishing workflow
  • Publish Execute - Processes the Amazon SNS notification and executes to publishing workflow.

  • Output Validate - Checks the completed encoding job and determines if the content is MP4 or HLS.

  • Preset Choice - Selects which step to perform next based on whether the content is MP4 or HLS.

  • MediaInfo – Validates the content of the MP4 output file.

  • MP4 Metadata – Creates a metadata JSON file with the MediaInfo data and stores it with the MP4 output file.

  • HLS Endpoint – Creates an Amazon CloudFront URL for the master manifest file.

  • Publish SNS – Checks that both the MP4 and HLS content have finished. If both are finished, it sends an Amazon SNS notification with the publishing details to the admin address.