Amazon EC2 Systems Manager
User Guide

Launch a New Instance

Use the following procedure to create a test instance with the required AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role. The role enables the instance to communicate with the Systems Manager API.

To create an instance that uses a Systems Manager-supported role

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at

  2. Select a supported region.

  3. Choose Launch Instance and select an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

  4. Choose your instance type and then choose Next: Configure Instance Details.

  5. In Auto-assign Public IP, choose Enable.

  6. Beside IAM role choose Create new IAM role. The IAM console opens in a new tab.

    1. Choose Create New Role.

    2. In Step 1: Set Role Name, enter a name that identifies this role as a Systems Manager role.

    3. In Step 2: Select Role Type, choose Amazon EC2 Role for Simple Systems Manager. The system skips Step 3: Establish Trust because this is a managed policy.

    4. In Step 4: Attach Policy, choose AmazonEC2RoleforSSM.

    5. Choose Next Step, and then choose Create Role.

    6. Close the tab with the IAM console.

  7. In the Amazon EC2 console, choose the Refresh button beside Create New IAM role.

  8. From IAM role, choose the role you just created.

  9. Complete the wizard to launch the new instance. Make a note of the instance ID. You will need to specify this ID later in this walkthrough.


On Linux instances, you must install the SSM Agent on the instance you just created. For more information, see Installing SSM Agent on Linux.

To assign the role to one of your existing instances, see Attaching an IAM Role to an Instance in the Amazon EC2 User Guide.