Amazon EC2 Systems Manager
User Guide

Managing Updates for an EC2 Windows Instance Using Systems Manager Run Command

Run Command includes three documents to help you manage updates for EC2 Windows instances.


Scans an instance and determines which updates are missing.


Installs missing updates on your EC2 instance.


Installs one or more specific updates.

To manage updates for an EC2 instance using Run Command

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Run Command.

  3. Choose Run a command.

  4. For Command document, choose the document you want to use.

  5. For Target instances, choose the instances where you want the command to run. If you do not see an instance in this list, it might not be configured properly for Run Command. For more information, see Systems Manager Prerequisites.

  6. Choose the update and KB options that you want to execute in your command. For more information about these options, view the tooltip help.

  7. For Comment, we recommend providing information that will help you identify this command in your list of commands.

For information about how to run commands using the AWS CLI, see the SSM CLI Reference.