Amazon EC2 Systems Manager
User Guide

Querying Inventory Collection

After you collect inventory data, you can use the filter capability on the Inventory tab to filter on or filter out the instances you want.

To filter managed instance metadata

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console, expand Systems Manager Shared Resources in the navigation pane, and then choose Managed Instances.

  2. Choose the Inventory tab.

  3. In the Inventory Type list, choose an attribute to filter on. For example: AWS:Application.

  4. Choose the filter bar below the Inventory Type list to view a list of attributes on which to filter.

  5. Choose a delimiter from the list. For example, choose begins-with.

  6. Type a value. For example, type "ssm" and then choose the search icon at the left of the filter bar. The system returns all relevant managed instances.


You can combine multiple filters to refine your search.