Amazon EC2 Systems Manager
User Guide

Systems Manager State Management

Systems Manager State Manager is a secure and scalable configuration management service that ensures your Amazon EC2 and hybrid infrastructure is in a desired or consistent state, which you define. Some examples of these configurations include:

  • Bootstrap instances with specific software at start-up

  • Regularly download and update agents, including the SSM Agent.

  • Configure network settings

  • Join instances to a Windows domain

  • Patch instances with software updates throughout their lifecycle

  • Execute scripts on Linux and Windows managed instances throughout their lifecycle

State Manager integrates with AWS CloudTrail to provide a record of all executions that you can audit, and Amazon CloudWatch Events to track state changes. You can also view detailed output in Amazon S3.

Getting Started with State Manager

To get started with State Manager, complete the following tasks.

Task For More Information

Update the SSM Agent on your managed instances to the latest version.

Installing and Configuring SSM Agent

Verify Systems Manager prerequisites.

Systems Manager Prerequisites

Either choose a predefined AWS Command or Policy type document and specify parameters at runtime. Or create a document that defines the actions to perform on your instances.

Creating Systems Manager Documents

Create and apply the association to your instances.

Creating an Association

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