Amazon WorkDocs
User Guide

File View

The following is the layout of the Amazon WorkDocs web client file view.

                        Amazon WorkDocs file view layout

1 - File Navigation Controls

2 - Content Controls

3 - File View Pane

4 - File Control Pane

File Navigation Controls

You use the file navigation controls to move back to the navigation view. To get to back to the navigation view, choose the folder up icon ( 
                            folder up icon
                        ) in the navigation controls area.

Content Controls

You use the content controls to select a specific version of the file, upload a new version of the file, or download a local copy of the file.

File View Pane

The file view pane contains the file display.

File Control Pane

You use the file control pane to view the people that the file has been shared with, give feedback on the file, view the past activity on the file, and view and update the file properties. For more information, see the following topics: