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Creating a Shared Link

In addition to sharing a folder or file with specific people, you can create a link to a folder or file that you can share with anyone in your organization.

To create a shared link

  1. In the web client, open the folder that contains the folder or file.

  2. Choose the down arrow on the right side of the file or folder you want to share, and choose Share. Or select the file or folder to highlight it and choose Share.

  3. In the Share link dialog box, choose one of the following settings for the link:


    The link recipient can only read the contents of the folder or file.


    For a folder, the link recipient can read the contents of the folder, give feedback on, and upload new versions of any of the files or folder.

    For a file, the link recipient can read the file, give feedback, and upload new versions of the file.


    Only you, the owner, can access the link.

  4. After you choose your setting, the shared link appears in the Share link dialog box. Copy the link and choose Save.