Amazon WorkSpaces
Administration Guide (Version 1.0)

What is Amazon WorkSpaces?

Amazon WorkSpaces offers you an easy way to provide a cloud-based desktop experience to your end-users. Select from a choice of WorkSpace bundles that offer a range of different amounts of CPU, memory, storage, and a choice of applications. Then, enter user information and launch the number of WorkSpaces that you require. As soon as the WorkSpaces are ready, users can download the Amazon WorkSpaces client and connect to their WorkSpace. Users can connect from a PC or Mac desktop computer, or an iPad, Kindle, or Android tablet.

Amazon WorkSpaces provides you with the choice of creating a standalone, managed directory for users who will use WorkSpaces, or you can use AD Connector to connect to your on-premises directory so that your users can use their existing credentials to obtain seamless access to corporate resources. This integration works via a secure hardware VPN connection to your on-premises network using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) or with AWS Direct Connect.

You don't have to worry about procuring or deploying hardware or installing complex software to deliver a desktop experience to your users. Amazon WorkSpaces takes care of all the heavy lifting of managing hardware and software, and tasks such as patching and maintenance, enabling you to easily deliver a high quality desktop experience to your users. When you connect Amazon WorkSpaces to your on-premises directory, you can manage your WorkSpaces with the existing tools you are using for your on-premises desktops and you maintain full administrative control.

For more information, see Amazon WorkSpaces.