AWS Resource Groups
User Guide

Customizing Tag Search Results

You can sort and filter the results of your tag search to find the tags and resources that you need to work with.

To customize tag search results

Do any of the following:

  • To limit the display to resources that contain a keyword, type the keyword in the filter box above the table. For example, you could type elasticbeanstalk to see all resources whose ID indicates that they are associated with the Elastic Beanstalk service.


  • To sort the list by any column, choose the column heading name. To reverse the sort order, choose the name again.


  • To change the width of a table column, drag the divider between the column headings.


  • To add or remove columns of existing tag keys to the results, choose the cog icon ( ) above the table and select or clear a tag key. To search for and limit the items that appear in the list, type a full or partial keyword or words in the box at the top.

                                    Use the filter box to limit the list of tags