Getting started with AWS Resource Groups - AWS Resource Groups

Getting started with AWS Resource Groups

In AWS, a resource is an entity that you can work with. Examples include an Amazon EC2 instance, an Amazon S3 bucket, or an Amazon RouteĀ 53 hosted zone. If you work with multiple resources, you might find it useful to manage them as a group rather than move from one AWS service to another for each task.

This section shows you how to get started with AWS Resource Groups. First, organize AWS resources by tagging them in Tag Editor. Then build queries in Resource Groups that include the resource types you want in a group, and tags that you've applied to resources.

After you've created resource groups in Resource Groups, use AWS Systems Manager tools such as Automation to simplify management tasks on your groups of resources.

For more information about getting started with AWS Systems Manager features and tools, see the AWS Systems Manager User Guide.