DeploymentTargets - AWS CloudFormation


[Service-managed permissions] The AWS Organizations accounts to which StackSets deploys. StackSets doesn't deploy stack instances to the organization management account, even if the organization management account is in your organization or in an OU in your organization.

For update operations, you can specify either Accounts or OrganizationalUnitIds. For create and delete operations, specify OrganizationalUnitIds.



The names of one or more AWS accounts for which you want to deploy stack set updates.

Type: Array of strings

Pattern: ^[0-9]{12}$

Required: No


Returns the value of the AccountsUrl property.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 5120.

Pattern: (s3://|http(s?)://).+

Required: No


The organization root ID or organizational unit (OU) IDs to which StackSets deploys.

Type: Array of strings

Pattern: ^(ou-[a-z0-9]{4,32}-[a-z0-9]{8,32}|r-[a-z0-9]{4,32})$

Required: No

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