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AWS::CodeDeploy::DeploymentGroup EC2TagSetListObject

The EC2TagSet property type specifies information about groups of tags applied to EC2 instances. The deployment group includes only EC2 instances identified by all the tag groups. Cannot be used in the same template as EC2TagFilters.

For more information about using tags and tag groups to help manage your Amazon EC2 instances and on-premises instances, see Tagging Instances for Deployment Groups in AWS CodeDeploy in the AWS CodeDeploy User Guide.

EC2TagSet is a property of the DeploymentGroup resource type.


To declare this entity in your AWS CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:


{ "Ec2TagGroup" : [ EC2TagFilter, ... ] }



A list that contains other lists of EC2 instance tag groups. For an instance to be included in the deployment group, it must be identified by all of the tag groups in the list.

Required: No

Type: List of EC2TagFilter

Update requires: No interruption

See Also

  • EC2TagSet in the AWS CodeDeploy API Reference.

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