AWS::MemoryDB::SubnetGroup - AWS CloudFormation


Specifies a subnet group. A subnet group is a collection of subnets (typically private) that you can designate for your clusters running in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment. When you create a cluster in an Amazon VPC, you must specify a subnet group. MemoryDB uses that subnet group to choose a subnet and IP addresses within that subnet to associate with your nodes. For more information, see Subnets and subnet groups.


To declare this entity in your AWS CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:


{ "Type" : "AWS::MemoryDB::SubnetGroup", "Properties" : { "Description" : String, "SubnetGroupName" : String, "SubnetIds" : [ String, ... ], "Tags" : [ Tag, ... ] } }


Type: AWS::MemoryDB::SubnetGroup Properties: Description: String SubnetGroupName: String SubnetIds: - String Tags: - Tag



A description of the subnet group.

Required: No

Type: String

Update requires: No interruption


The name of the subnet group to be used for the cluster.

Required: Yes

Type: String

Pattern: [a-z][a-z0-9\-]*

Update requires: Replacement


A list of Amazon VPC subnet IDs for the subnet group.

Required: Yes

Type: Array of String

Update requires: No interruption


An array of key-value pairs to apply to this resource.

For more information, see Tag.

Required: No

Type: Array of Tag

Maximum: 50

Update requires: No interruption

Return values



When you pass the logical ID of this resource to the intrinsic Ref function, Ref returns the ARN of the subnet group, such as arn:aws:memorydb:us-east-1:123456789012:subnetgroup/my-subnet-group