AWS CloudFormation
User Guide (API Version 2010-05-15)

Logging In to the AWS CloudFormation Console

The AWS CloudFormation console allows you to create, monitor, update, and delete your AWS CloudFormation stacks with a web-based interface. It is part of the AWS Management Console.

You can access the AWS CloudFormation console in a number of ways:

  • Open the AWS CloudFormation console directly with the URL . If you are not logged in to the AWS Management Console yet, you need to log in before using the AWS CloudFormation console.

  • If you are logged into and using the AWS Management Console, you can access the AWS CloudFormation console by opening the Services menu and selecting CloudFormation in one of the following sub-menus:

    • Deployment and Management

                     The CloudFormation option in the Deployment and Management submenu.
    • All Services

                     The CloudFormation option in the All AWS Services menu.

If you don't have any AWS CloudFormation stacks running, you are presented with the option to Create a stack. Otherwise, you see a list of your currently-running stacks.

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