SOAP Requests - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

SOAP Requests

We have deprecated the SOAP API for Amazon EC2. After 1 December 2015, we will no longer support SOAP requests for any API versions, including versions 2014-02-01 and earlier. If you use a SOAP request against a later API version or after 1 December 2015, you will receive the following response:

Client.UnsupportedProtocol: SOAP is no longer supported.

Similarly, the AWS software development kits (SDKs) will no longer support SOAP requests after 1 December 2015 for any API version.

If you are using the Amazon EC2 CLI tools, you can no longer use the EC2_PRIVATE_KEY and EC2_CERT environment variables. You must use the AWS_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_SECRET_KEY variables instead. For more information, see Setting Up the Amazon EC2 CLI and AMI Tools.

We recommend that you use the Query API for Amazon EC2, or the SDKs for AWS. For more information, see Making API Requests.