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Verify the EFA installer using a checksum

You can optionally verify the EFA tarball (.tar.gz file) using an MD5 or SHA256 checksum. We recommend that you do this to verify the identity of the software publisher and to check that the application has not been altered or corrupted since it was published.

To verify the tarball

Use the md5sum utility for the MD5 checksum, or the sha256sum utility for the SHA256 checksum, and specify the tarball filename. You must run the command from the directory in which you saved the tarball file.

  • MD5

    $ md5sum tarball_filename.tar.gz
  • SHA256

    $ sha256sum tarball_filename.tar.gz

The commands should return a checksum value in the following format.

checksum_value tarball_filename.tar.gz

Compare the checksum value returned by the command with the checksum value provided in the table below. If the checksums match, then it is safe to run the installation script. If the checksums do not match, do not run the installation script, and contact AWS Support.

For example, the following command verifies the EFA 1.9.4 tarball using the SHA256 checksum.

$ sha256sum aws-efa-installer-1.9.4.tar.gz
1009b5182693490d908ef0ed2c1dd4f813cc310a5d2062ce9619c4c12b5a7f14 aws-efa-installer-1.9.4.tar.gz

The following table lists the checksums for recent versions of EFA.

Version Download URL Checksums
EFA 1.13.0

MD5: c91d16556f4fd53becadbb345828221e

SHA256: ad6705eb23a3fce44af3afc0f7643091595653a723ad0374084f4f2b715192e1

EFA 1.12.3

MD5: 818aee81f097918cfaebd724eddea678

SHA256: 2c225321824788b8ca3fbc118207b944cdb096b847e1e0d1d853ef2f0d727172

EFA 1.12.2

MD5: 956bb1fc5ae0d6f0f87d2e481d49fccf

SHA256: 083a868a2c212a5a4fcf3e4d732b685ce39cceb3ca7e5d50d0b74e7788d06259

EFA 1.12.1

MD5: f5bfe52779df435188b0a2874d0633ea

SHA256: 5665795c2b4f09d5f3f767506d4d4c429695b36d4a17e5758b27f033aee58900

EFA 1.12.0

MD5: d6c6b49fafb39b770297e1cc44fe68a6

SHA256: 28256c57e9ecc0b0778b41c1f777a9982b4e8eae782343dfe1246079933dca59

EFA 1.11.2

MD5: 2376cf18d1353a4551e35c33d269c404

SHA256: a25786f98a3628f7f54f7f74ee2b39bc6734ea9374720507d37d3e8bf8ee1371

EFA 1.11.1

MD5: 026b0d9a0a48780cc7406bd51997b1c0

SHA256: 6cb04baf5ffc58ddf319e956b5461289199c8dd805fe216f8f9ab8d102f6d02a

EFA 1.11.0

MD5: 7d9058e010ad65bf2e14259214a36949

SHA256: 7891f6d45ae33e822189511c4ea1d14c9d54d000f6696f97be54e915ce2c9dfa

EFA 1.10.1

MD5: 78521d3d668be22976f46c6fecc7b730

SHA256: 61564582de7320b21de319f532c3a677d26cc46785378eb3b95c636506b9bcb4

EFA 1.10.0

MD5: 46f73f5a7afe41b4bb918c81888fefa9

SHA256: 136612f96f2a085a7d98296da0afb6fa807b38142e2fc0c548fa986c41186282

EFA 1.9.5

MD5: 95edb8a209c18ba8d250409846eb6ef4

SHA256: a4343308d7ea4dc943ccc21bcebed913e8868e59bfb2ac93599c61a7c87d7d25

EFA 1.9.4

MD5: f26dd5c350422c1a985e35947fa5aa28

SHA256: 1009b5182693490d908ef0ed2c1dd4f813cc310a5d2062ce9619c4c12b5a7f14

EFA 1.9.3

MD5: 95755765a097802d3e6d5018d1a5d3d6

SHA256: 46ce732d6f3fcc9edf6a6e9f9df0ad136054328e24675567f7029edab90c68f1

EFA 1.8.4

MD5: 85d594c41e831afc6c9305263140457e

SHA256: 0d974655a09b213d7859e658965e56dc4f23a0eee2dc44bb41b6d039cc5bab45