Graph metrics for your instances - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Graph metrics for your instances

After you launch an instance, you can open the Amazon EC2 console and view the monitoring graphs for the instance on the Monitoring tab. Each graph is based on one of the available Amazon EC2 metrics.

The following graphs are available:

  • Average CPU Utilization (Percent)

  • Average Disk Reads (Bytes)

  • Average Disk Writes (Bytes)

  • Maximum Network In (Bytes)

  • Maximum Network Out (Bytes)

  • Summary Disk Read Operations (Count)

  • Summary Disk Write Operations (Count)

  • Summary Status (Any)

  • Summary Status Instance (Count)

  • Summary Status System (Count)

For more information about the metrics and the data they provide to the graphs, see List the available CloudWatch metrics for your instances.

Graph metrics using the CloudWatch console

You can also use the CloudWatch console to graph metric data generated by Amazon EC2 and other AWS services. For more information, see Graphing metrics in the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.