Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
User Guide for Linux Instances

Troubleshooting Modification Requests

If the target configuration settings that you requested were unique, you receive a message that your request is being processed. At this point, Amazon EC2 has only determined that the parameters of your modification request are valid. Your modification request can still fail during processing due to unavailable capacity.

In some situations, you might get a message indicating incomplete or failed modification requests instead of a confirmation. Use the information in such messages as a starting point for resubmitting another modification request.

Not all selected Reserved Instances can be processed for modification

Amazon EC2 identifies and lists the Reserved Instances that cannot be modified. If you receive a message like this, go to the Reserved Instances page in the AWS Management Console and check the information details about these capacity reservations.

Error in processing your modification request

You submitted one or more Reserved Instances for modification and none of your requests can be processed. Depending on the number of reservations you are modifying, you can get different versions of the message.

Amazon EC2 displays the reasons why your request cannot be processed. For example, you might have specified the same target configuration—a combination of Availability Zone and platform—for one or more subsets of the Reserved Instances you are modifying. Try submitting the modification requests again, but ensure that the instance details of the reservations match, and that the target configurations for all subsets being modified are unique.