Use EC2Rescue for Windows Server - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Use EC2Rescue for Windows Server

EC2Rescue for Windows Server is an easy-to-use tool that you run on an Amazon EC2 Windows Server instance to diagnose and troubleshoot possible problems. It is valuable for collecting log files and troubleshooting issues and also proactively searching for possible areas of concern. It can even examine Amazon EBS root volumes from other instances and collect relevant logs for troubleshooting Windows Server instances using that volume.

EC2Rescue for Windows Server has two different modules: a data collector module that collects data from all different sources, and an analyzer module that parses the data collected against a series of predefined rules to identify issues and provide suggestions.

The EC2Rescue for Windows Server tool only runs on Amazon EC2 instances running Windows Server 2012 and later. When the tool starts, it checks whether it is running on an Amazon EC2 instance.

The AWSSupport-ExecuteEC2Rescue runbook uses the EC2Rescue tool to troubleshoot and, where possible, fix common connectivity issues with the specified EC2 instance. For more information, and to run this automation, see AWSSupport-ExecuteEC2Rescue.


If you are using a Linux instance, see EC2Rescue for Linux.