AWS VSS component package version history - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

AWS VSS component package version history

The following table describes the released versions of the AWS VSS component package.

Version Details Release date
  • Fixed snapshots failing on domain controllers in relation to an NTDS VSS writer logging error.

  • Fixed VSS agent error when uninstalling version 1.0 VSS provider.

6 February 2020
  • Improved logging by reducing unwanted verbosity.

  • Fixed regionalization issues during installation.

  • Fixed return codes for some provider registration error conditions.

  • Fixed various installation issues.

19 March 2019
  • Added command line parameters -nw (no-writers) and -copy (copy-only) to agent.

  • Fixed EventLog errors caused by improper memory allocation calls.

15 November 2018
1.1 Fixed AwsVssProvider.dll being used incorrectly as the default Windows Backup and Restore provider. 12 December 2017
1.0 Initial release. 20 November 2017