Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
User Guide for Windows Instances

Monitoring Dedicated Hosts

Amazon EC2 constantly monitors the state of your Dedicated Hosts; updates are communicated on the Amazon EC2 console. You can also obtain information about your Dedicated Hosts using the API or CLI.

The following table illustrates the possible State values in the console.

State Description
available AWS hasn't detected an issue with the Dedicated Host; no maintenance or repairs are scheduled. Instances can be launched onto this Dedicated Host.
released The Dedicated Host has been released. The host ID is no longer in use. Released hosts cannot be reused.
under-assessment AWS is exploring a possible issue with the Dedicated Host. If action needs to be taken, you are notified via the AWS Management Console or email. Instances cannot be launched onto a Dedicated Host in this state.
permanent-failure An unrecoverable failure has been detected. You receive an eviction notice through your instances and by email. Your instances may continue to run. If you stop or terminate all instances on a Dedicated Host with this state, AWS retires the host. Instances cannot be launched onto Dedicated Hosts in this state.
released-permanent-failure AWS permanently releases Dedicated Hosts that have failed and no longer have running instances on them. The Dedicated Host ID is no longer available for use.