EC2Launch version history - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

EC2Launch version history

Windows AMIs starting with Windows Server 2016 include a set of Windows Powershell scripts called EC2Launch. EC2Launch performs tasks during the initial instance boot. For information about the EC2Launch versions included in the Windows AMIs, see see AWS Windows AMIs.

To download and install the latest version of EC2Launch, see Install the latest version of EC2Launch.

The following table describes the released versions of EC2Launch. Note that the version format changed after version 1.3.610.

Version Details Release date
  • Updated IMDS wait logic to make only IMDSv2 requests.

  • Fixed bug impacting eGPU installation.

21 June 2022
  • Added network-adapter wait logic to prevent use before initialization.

  • Fixed minor issues.

10 May 2022
  • Added telemetry.

  • Added shortcut to Settings UI.

  • Formatted PowerShell scripts.

  • Fixed issue with shutdown occurring before BeforeSysprep.cmd completes.

31 January 2022
1.3.2003411 Changed password generation logic to exclude passwords with low complexity. 04 August 2021
1.3.2003364 Updated Install-EgpuManager with IMDSv2 support. 07 June 2021
  • Added log lines before and after setMonitorAlwaysOn setting.

  • Added AWS Nitro Enclaves package version to console log.

04 May 2021
1.3.2003284 Improved permission model by updating location for storing user data to LocalAppData. 23 March 2021
  • Updated method for setting user password in Set-AdminAccount and Randomize-LocalAdminPassword.

  • FixedInitializeDisks to check whether disk is set to read only before setting it to writable.

11 February 2021
1.3.2003210 Localization fix for install.ps1. 7 January 2021
1.3.2003205 Security fix for install.ps1 to update permissions on %ProgramData%AmazonEC2-WindowsLaunchModuleScripts directory. 28 December 2020
1.3.2003189 Added w32tm resync after adding routes. 4 December 2020
1.3.2003155 Updated instance type information. 25 August 2020
1.3.2003150 Added OsCurrentBuild and OsReleaseId to console output . 22 April 2020
1.3.2003040 Fixed IMDS version 1 fallback logic. 7 April 2020


Added support for IMDS V2. 3 March 2020


Fixed minor issues. 31 October 2019


Fixed automatic login issue for users without password after first time executing Sysprep. 2 July 2019


Fixed minor issues. 27 March 2019


All PowerShell scripts signed. 28 February 2019


Fixed issue with InitializeDisks.ps1 where running the script on a node in a Microsoft Windows Server Failover Cluster would format drives on remote nodes whose drive letter matched the local drive letter. 27 February 2019


Fixed missing wallpaper in Windows 2019. 22 February 2019


  • Added plugin for setting the monitor to never turn off to fix ACPI issues.

  • SQL Server edition and version written to console.

21 January 2019


Fix for adding routes to metadata on ipv6-enabled ENIs. 2 January 2019


  • Added default configuration for RSS and Receive Queue settings for ENA devices.

  • Disabled hibernation during Sysprep.

5 December 2018


  • Added route for DNS server.

  • Added filter of setting Admin user.

  • Improvements made to instance hibernation.

  • Added option to schedule EC2Launch to run on every boot.

9 November 2018


  • Added route to AMZN time service.

  • Added route to GRID license service.

  • Added timeout of 25 seconds when attempting to start Systems Manager.

19 September 2018


  • Fixed improper drive lettering for EBS NVME volumes.

  • Added additional logging for NVME driver versions.

15 August 2018


Fixed minor issues.


Fixed issue with redirecting output and errors to files from user data.


  • Added missing instances types in the wallpaper.

  • Fixed an issue with drive letter mapping and disk installation.


  • Fixed Get-Metadata to use the default system proxy settings for web requests.

  • Added a special case for NVMe in disk initialization.

  • Fixed minor issues.


Added a -NoShutdown option to enable Sysprep with no shutdown.


Fixed minor issues.


Fixed minor issues.


Fixed minor issues.


  • Fixed a hexadecimal length issue for computer name change.

  • Fixed a possible reboot loop for computer name change.

  • Fixed an issue in wallpaper setup.


  • Update to display information about installed operating system (OS) in EC2 system log.

  • Update to display EC2Launch and SSM Agent version in EC2 system log.

  • Fixed minor issues.


  • Update to display ENA driver information in EC2 system log.

  • Update to exclude Hyper-V from primary NIC filter logic.

  • Added AWS KMS server and port into registry key for KMS activation.

  • Improved wallpaper setup for multiple users.

  • Update to clear routes from persistent store.

  • Update to remove the z from availability zone in DNS suffix list.

  • Update to address an issue with the <runAsLocalSystem> tag in user data.


Initial release.