Retrieve dynamic data - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Retrieve dynamic data

To retrieve dynamic data from within a running instance, use the following URI.

The examples in this section use the IPv4 address of the IMDS: If you are retrieving instance metadata for EC2 instances over the IPv6 address, ensure that you enable and use the IPv6 address instead: [fd00:ec2::254]. The IPv6 address of the IMDS is compatible with IMDSv2 commands. The IPv6 address is only accessible on instances built on the AWS Nitro System.

This example shows how to retrieve the high-level instance identity categories.

PS C:\> [string]$token = Invoke-RestMethod -Headers @{"X-aws-ec2-metadata-token-ttl-seconds" = "21600"} -Method PUT -Uri
PS C:\> Invoke-RestMethod -Headers @{"X-aws-ec2-metadata-token" = $token} -Method GET -Uri document rsa2048 pkcs7 signature
PS C:\> Invoke-RestMethod -uri document rsa2048 pkcs7 signature

For more information about dynamic data and examples of how to retrieve it, see Instance identity documents.