Considerations - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud


The following considerations apply when using NitroTPM:

  • BitLocker volumes that are encrypted with NitroTPM-based keys can only be used on the original instance.

  • The NitroTPM state is not included in Amazon EBS snapshots.

  • The NitroTPM state is not included in VM Import/Export images.

  • NitroTPM support is enabled by specifying a value of v2.0 for the tpm-support parameter when creating an AMI. After you launch an instance with the AMI, you can't modify the attributes on the instance. Instances with NitroTPM do not support the ModifyInstanceAttribute API.

  • You can only create an AMI with NitroTPM configured by using the RegisterImage API by using the AWS CLI and not with the Amazon EC2 console.

  • NitroTPM is not supported on Outposts.

  • NitroTPM is not supported in Local Zones or Wavelength Zones.