Task 2: Create an RDS database – optional - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Task 2: Create an RDS database – optional


Creating an RDS database is not the focus of this part of the tutorial. If you already have an RDS database and would like to use it for this tutorial, you can skip this task.

Task objective

The objective of this task is to create an RDS database. You'll use this instance in Task 3 when you connect it to your EC2 instance.

Steps to create an RDS database

Use the following steps to create an RDS database for Option 3 of this tutorial.

To view an animation of these steps, see View an animation: Create a DB instance.

RDS database configuration

The steps in this task configure the RDS database as follows:

  • Engine type: MySQL

  • Template: Free tier

  • DB instance identifier: tutorial-database-manual

  • DB instance class: db.t3.micro


In a production environment, you should configure your instance to meet your specific needs.

To create a MySQL DB instance
  1. Open the Amazon RDS console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/rds/.

  2. From the Region selector (at top right), choose the AWS Region in which you created the EC2 instance. The EC2 instance and the DB instance must be in the same Region.

  3. On the dashboard, choose Create database.

  4. Under Choose a database creation method, choose Easy create. When you choose this option, the automatic connection feature to automatically configure the connection is not available.

  5. Under Engine options, for Engine type, choose MySQL.

  6. For DB instance size, choose Free tier.

  7. For DB instance identifier enter a name for the RDS database. For this tutorial, enter tutorial-database-manual.

  8. For Master username, leave the default name, which is admin.

  9. For Master password, enter a password that you can remember for this tutorial, and then, for Confirm password, enter the password again.

  10. Choose Create database.

    On the Databases screen, the Status of the new DB instance is Creating until the DB instance is ready to use. When the status changes to Available, you can connect to the DB instance. Depending on the DB instance class and the amount of storage, it can take up to 20 minutes before the new instance is available.

This animation shows how to create a DB instance. For the text version of this animation, see the steps in the preceding procedure.

You are now ready for Task 3: Manually connect your EC2 instance to your RDS database by creating security groups and assigning them to the instances.