Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)


Some items have associated accessories. For example, a camera can have a camera case, flash card, and battery.

Each accessory has an item ID, such as an ASIN. In the following example response, the primary item, B00008OE6I, the camera, comes with two accessories, B00003G1RG, a compact flash card, and B00004WCCT, a leather camera case.

<Item> <ASIN>B00008OE6I</ASIN> <Accessories> <Accessory> <ASIN>B00003G1RG</ASIN> <Title>Viking 128 MB CompactFlash Card (CF128M)</Title> </Accessory> <Accessory> <ASIN>B00004WCCT</ASIN> <Title>Canon Soft Leather Case for Canon Digital ELPH Cameras(Black)</Title> </Accessory>

Amazon groups accessories with the primary item for sale. You can use the ItemLookup or ItemSearch operations and specify the Accessories response group to return all the accessories associated with an item. Each accessory listed in the response includes the accessory's title and item identifier, such as an ASIN.


When you have the item ID of the primary item, the Accessories response group returns the item's accessories. However, if you have the item ID of an accessory, you can't use the Accessories response group to return the primary item or the other accessories associated with the primary item.