Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)


Display discounted prices to help drive sales. The PromotionSummary response group can determine if an item has a promotion.

PromotionSummary returns the promotion information for an item.

                See the example promotions.

Promotions are available only for items with offers. Items that do not have offers are Collection and Variation parent ASINs. When you request promotion information, you must include a response group that also returns offer information.

The following response groups return offer information:

  • Large

  • OfferFull

  • Offers

The following operations return promotion information:

  • ItemLookup

  • ItemSearch

  • SimilarityLookup


You cannot use the Product Advertising API to create promotions. You can use the API to return promotion information for an item.