Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)


All cart operations except CartClear return a value for PurchaseURL.


<PurchaseURL>[Your ID]%26hmac=b0ogzvivVYLXjSZ9WwoBRFesFYU=%26AWSAccessKeyId=[Access Key ID]<PurchaseURL>

This value is a URL that should be submitted, like a request, to purchase the items in a remote shopping cart. The value contains the Associate's Tag, which is specified in the CartCreate operation. The Associate's Tag value in the PurchaseURL links the customer's purchase to the Associate. If PurchaseURL is not used, the Associate will not receive credit for the sale.

The information in bold includes:

  • Cart identity (cart-id, hmac)

  • Associate identity (associate-id)

  • Request submitter (AWSAccessKeyId)

You can manually change any of the values in the PurchaseURL, but this is not recommended.