Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

Working With Remote Shopping Carts

Instead of physically adding and removing items from a real shopping cart, Product Advertising API operations provide similar functionality, called the Product Advertising API remote shopping cart.

After customers find an item to purchase, they typically click an HTML button or link called, for example, Add To Cart. This action adds the item(s) to their existing shopping cart. If this is the first item they have chosen to place in a shopping cart, the shopping cart is created.

In Product Advertising API, the shopping cart is called remote because the cart is hosted by Amazon servers. In that sense, the shopping cart is remote to the seller's or Associate's servers where the customer is shopping.

The opposite of a remote shopping cart is a local shopping cart, which is the shopping cart customers use when shopping on It is local because Amazon hosts the shopping web pages and the shopping cart. Product Advertising API operations work solely with remote shopping carts.

The following sections describe remote shopping carts and how to work with them.