Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)


Returned reviews are read-only. You can retrieve, but cannot create, reviews.

Get Editorial Reviews

The EditorialReviews response group provides the item description. This information is less of a customer review and more of a product description. The content of the EditorialReviews response group can be displayed individually as part of an ItemLookup, ItemSearch, or SimilarityLookup request.

For books, Editorial Reviews is a separate listing on the product detail page.

                    See the example editorial review  page.

The following snippet shows part of the equivalent EditorialReview response.

<EditorialReview> <Source>Bookwire, April 07, 2006</Source> <Content>——Rich characters, unexpected plot development,and underlying themes of hope, lofty ideals, educational excellence, and historical pride.</Content> </EditorialReview>


Copyrighted editorial reviews are not returned. Reviews returned may be different from the reviews you see on the marketplace. For more information, see EditorialReview.

Get Customer Reviews

The Reviews response group returns an iframe URL that displays customer reviews for an item.


The iframe URL expires 24 hours from the date of the request. The expiration parameter appears in the URL. To get the latest iframe URL, you need to submit a new request. For example, when a customer views an item, your code should trigger a request to return the latest customer reviews.

The reviews are returned in the Customer Reviews section of the product detail page.

                    See the example product review.

The following snippet shows part of the equivalent Customer Reviews response returned by an ItemLookup or ItemSearch request.

<ItemLookupResponse> <Items> <Item> <ASIN>0316067938</ASIN> <CustomerReviews> <IFrameURL>[AWS Access Key ID]&asin=0316067938&exp=2013-08-01T17%3A54%3A07Z&linkCode=xm2&summary=0&tag=ws&truncate=256&v=2&sig=[Signature] </IFrameURL> </CustomerReviews> </Item> </Items> </ItemLookupResponse>

After you have the IFrameURL, you can embed it on a web page, as shown in the following example:

<iframe src="[AWS Access Key ID]&asin=0316067938&exp=2011-08-01T17%3A54%3A07Z&linkCode=xm2&summary=0&tag=ws&truncate=256&v=2&sig=[Signature]" />