Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

Determining Availability

Only items that are available can be added to the remote shopping cart. Unavailable items can be added to the SaveForLater area of the cart.

Amazon defines available items as those that are:

  • Currently for sale

  • Pre-release orders, such as buying a Harry Potter book before it is released

  • Special orders

  • e-mail me when the items become available

The availability of an item can change without notice. Putting an item in a cart does not reserve it. Items in carts can become unavailable and their prices can change as soon as the item goes into the cart.

Determining if an item is available is determined differently for merchants and sellers.

Availability of Merchant Items

1 Check the Availability element value returned by the Offers or OfferFull response groups.
2 Make sure the item has an offer listing ID.
3 Use the Availability request parameter along with the Condition parameter in an ItemSearch request. Items might be available, for example, in one condition but not another.

With Merchants, you use one of the Offer response groups to determining item availability.