Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

Find Top Sellers in a Browse Node

You can return the top sellers in a root browse node. For example, if a customer is buying a comedy movie, you might assume the customer is interested in other comedy items. In this case, use the BrowseNodeLookup operation. Its default response group is BrowseNodes.

The following example request searches for DVD comedies with browse node 163357. Service=AWSECommerceService& AWSAccessKeyId=[AWS Access Key ID]& AssociateTag=[Associate Tag]& Operation=BrowseNodeLookup& BrowseNodeId=163357 &Timestamp=[YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ] &Signature=[Request Signature]

The response returns the browse node IDs for the parent and child browse nodes of 163357.

<BrowseNode> <BrowseNodeId>163357</BrowseNodeId> <Name>Comedy</Name> <Children> <BrowseNode> <BrowseNodeId>599826</BrowseNodeId> <Name>Boxed Sets</Name> </BrowseNode> ... <Item> <Ancestors> <BrowseNode> <BrowseNodeId>549726</BrowseNodeId> <Name>Performing Arts</Name> <Ancestors> <BrowseNode> <BrowseNodeId>5</BrowseNodeId> <Name>Entertainment</Name> <Ancestors> <BrowseNode> <BrowseNodeId>2000</BrowseNodeId> <Name>Subjects</Name> <Ancestors> <BrowseNode> <BrowseNodeId>1000</BrowseNodeId> <Name>Books</Name>

The response returns one of the browse node's children and the browse node ancestry. As you move down the response, you move up the browse node hierarchy. In this example, the eldest ancestor of browse node ID 163357 is browse node ID 1000, Books.

If you have the browse node ID of the root product category, you can use the BrowseNodeLookup operation again with the TopSellers response group. This returns the top sellers in the root browse node category.


BrowseNodeLookup returns one ancestor of a browse node, even if a node has multiple ancestors. The ancestor returned is not predictable. Any root browse node ID returned is relevant to the browse node ID in the request.