Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

Item Attributes Segment

If your request is valid, the final segment of the response has the item attributes. This segment is typically the part of the response that contains the most value. This segment contains all of the descriptive information about the items that satisfied the request.

In the previous example, one item was found that satisfied the search criteria. Many attributes are returned that describe that item, including, the title, "Saving Miss Oliver's: A Novel of Leadership, Loyalty and Change".

Item attributes returned in a response vary according to the response group used and the items found. Merchants do not always provide Amazon with a single set of item attributes. For example, one merchant might supply the name of a book's publisher, while another won't. A response with both books will have a different set of item attributes.

Item attributes that do not have values are not returned. For more information for item attributes that can be returned, see Response Groups.