Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

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The Product Advertising API is available in the following locales:

Each of these locales is serviced by an Amazon web site that uses the local language, local customs, and local formatting. For example, when you look at the DE homepage for Amazon, you see the listings in German. If you purchased an item, you would find the price in Euros, and, if you were to purchase a movie, you would find that the movie rating would conform to the movie rating system used in Germany. Product Advertising API responses contain the same localized information. Product Advertising API determines the correct locale by examining the endpoint in the request. For example, the endpoints for the DE locale are:

For a list of the other endpoints, see Anatomy Of a REST Request.

Currency, for example is localized, as follows.

<SubTotal> <Amount>4082</Amount> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <FormattedPrice>$40.82</FormattedPrice> </SubTotal>

The values for CurrencyCode are similar to the names of Product Advertising API locales. In the preceding example, the currency is formatted according to the conventions in the US locale.