Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

Operation Request Segment

The second segment of a response is always the Operation Request. For the most part, it returns the operation's parameters, called arguments, that were used in the request.

The first large subsection is the HTTP Header section, which specifies the network agent used to send the request. Typically, the agent, called the user agent, is a web browser and the information returned describes that browser, such as its name, version, and the operating system of its host.

The second subsection contains the arguments, or operation parameters, used in the request These values are unprocessed echoes of the values submitted in the request. This information is echoed for the benefit of troubleshooting requests.

Finally, in the Operation Request segment there is Product Advertising API processing information, including the Request ID and the time it took to process the request. This is good information for troubleshooting. You will not have to use either the Request ID or the processing time in future requests.