Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

Parameter Restrictions for Availability

The following table describes the ItemSearch parameters that must be included to return available items (only).

ItemSearch Parameter Description

Must be set to "Available". When the Availability parameter is not set, ItemSearch returns available and unavailable items. "Available" is the only valid value for Availability. Setting it to another value returns an error message. Parameter values are case sensitive. When the Availability parameter is set to "Available", the only optional constraint that can be present is MerchantId.

MerchantId An optional parameter that can be used to filter search results and offer listings to only include items sold by Amazon. By default, the API will return items sold by various merchants including Amazon. The only valid value for MerchantId is "Amazon".

The following search indices do not work with the Availability parameter:

  • Items available for in-store pickup

  • Items for sale by third parties

In both cases, because Amazon does not warehouse the items for sale, Amazon cannot determine the availability of them.