Power Search Operators - Product Advertising API

Power Search Operators

You can use the following operators for power search queries.

Operators Description

Excludes the following parameter from the results.

For example, subject:history and not military will exclude military history results.


Specifies that both values must be true.

For example, subject:history and (Spanish and Mexican) requires that the books contain both Spanish and Mexican history.


Specifies that one or the other can be returned, but not both.

For example, subject:history and (Spanish or Mexican) means the subject can be Spanish history or Mexican history, but not both.

colon (:)

Used as an equals sign.

For example, subject:history searches for books where the subject is history.


Groups terms to clarify operations.

For example, subject:history and (spain or mexico). With parentheses, you search for books about Spanish history or Mexican history. Without the parentheses, you search for books about Spanish history or Mexico.

asterisk (*)

Stands for zero or more alphanumeric characters.

For example, keywords:high%20tech*. Some keywords used in a search will be "high tech", "high technology", and "high technologies". Use the asterisk to generalize your search.

Quotation marks ("")

Specifies an exact match with the word(s) in quotes.

For example, keywords:"Saving Miss Oliver's".

Example Power Searches

The following examples show how to use keywords and operators.

author: ambrose and binding: (abridged or large print) and pubdate: after 11-1996
subject: history and (Spain or Mexico) and not military and language: Spanish
(subject: marketing and author: kotler) or (publisher: harper and subject: "high technology")
keywords: "high tech*" and not fiction and pubdate: during 1999
isbn: 0446394319 or 0306806819 or 1567993850