Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

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The VariationMatrix response group returns, for a given parent ASIN, the variation dimension name and value of each child ASIN. If a returned item does not have variations, the VariationMatrix response group will not return any data. For example, rings vary by ring size. RingSize, therefore, is the dimension related to this item. The VariationMatrix response group would only return, in this example, <RingSize> elements. The VariationMatrix response group returns nothing if the returned items do not have variations. For more information, see, Returning Variation Dimension Information Only.

Relevant Operations

Operations that can use this response group include:

Response Elements

The following table describes the elements returned by VariationMatrix.

VariationMatrix also returns the elements that all response groups return, as described in Elements Common to All Response Groups.

Parent Response Group

The following response groups are parent response groups of VariationMatrix.

  • None

Child Response Group

The following response groups are child response groups of VariationMatrix.

  • None

Sample REST Use Case

The following request uses the VariationMatrix response group. Service=AWSECommerceService& AWSAccessKeyId=[AWS Access Key ID]& AssociateTag=[Associate ID]& Operation=ItemLookup& ItemId=B0008G23PQ& Condition=All& ResponseGroup=VariationMatrix& Version=2013-08-01

Sample Response Snippet

The following response snippet shows the elements returned by VariationMatrix.

<Item> <ASIN>B0008G23PQ</ASIN> <Variations> <VariationDimensions> <VariationDimension>ClothingSize</VariationDimension> <VariationDimension>Color</VariationDimension> </VariationDimensions> <Item> <ASIN>B0008EOA9U</ASIN> <VariationAttributes> <VariationAttribute> <Name>Color</Name> <Value>Grey<Value> </VariationAttribute> <VariationAttribute> <Name>ClothingSize</Name> <Value>29W x 30L</Value> </VariationAttribute> </VariationAttributes> </Item> <Item> <ASIN>B0008EO9J6</ASIN> <VariationAttributes> <VariationAttribute> <Name>Color</Name> <Value>Navy<Value> </VariationAttribute> <VariationAttribute> <Name>ClothingSize</Name> <Value>29W x 30L</Value> </VariationAttribute> </VariationAttributes> </Item>