Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)


The VariationOffers response group retrieves the offers for the children of a parent ASIN. VariationOffers is similar to the Variations response group. However, item attributes are not returned for the individual variations. Variations is the parent response group of VariationOffers.

The only valid values for MerchantId are Amazon and All, which is the default value. For reverse compatibility, the Offers response group treats a MerchantID value of Featured or Featured Buy Box Winner as the default value (All).

The following table shows the expected behavior of the parent and child variation offers for the corresponding MerchantId input parameter:

Merchant ID Semantics
(Default) All variations with offers
Amazon Variations with Amazon offers only
Featured, Featured Buy Box Winner, or All All variations with offers. The specified MerchantId parameter will not have any effect on the response.
Any other value Error: invalid value

Relevant Operations

Operations that can use this response group include:

Response Elements

The following table describes the elements returned by VariationOffers. In the Ancestry column, In the Ancestry column, the elements on the left side of a slash mark are the parents of the elements on the right side of the slash mark.

VariationOffers also returns the elements that all response groups return, as described in Elements Common to All Response Groups.

Parent Response Group

The following response groups are parent response groups of VariationOffers.

Child Response Group

The following response groups are child response groups of VariationOffers.

  • None

Sample REST Use Case

The following request uses the VariationOffers response group. Service=AWSECommerceService& AWSAccessKeyId=[AWS Access Key ID]& AssociateTag=[Associate ID]& Operation=ItemSearch& ItemId=B000P4VW1M& Condition=All& ResponseGroup=VariationOffers& Version=2013-08-01 &Timestamp=[YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ] &Signature=[Request Signature]

Sample Response Snippet

The following response snippet shows the elements returned by VariationOffers.

<Item> <ASIN>B000P4VW1M</ASIN> <VariationSummary> <LowestPrice> <Amount>12900</Amount> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <FormattedPrice>$129.00</FormattedPrice> </LowestPrice> <HighestPrice> <Amount>12900</Amount> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <FormattedPrice>$129.00</FormattedPrice> </HighestPrice> </VariationSummary> <Variations> <TotalVariations>5</TotalVariations> <TotalVariationPages>1</TotalVariationPages> <Item> <ASIN>B000N637Y2</ASIN> <Offers> <Offer> <Merchant> <Name></Name> </Merchant> <OfferAttributes> <Condition>New</Condition> </OfferAttributes> <OfferListing> <OfferListingId>ct%2FbvUK%2F9aRAxMyfX4EnsglyWuwchEGTLsR7xZwnrRt9AwU%2Fe4yKOeVDEIdVSBUhrBFoR4VZWR1aUBZX%2FhzSDQ%3D%3D</OfferListingId> <Price> <Amount>12900</Amount> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <FormattedPrice>$129.00</FormattedPrice> </Price> <AmountSaved> <Amount>28428</Amount> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <FormattedPrice>$284.28</FormattedPrice> </AmountSaved> <PercentageSaved>69</PercentageSaved> <Availability>In stock soon. Order now to get in line. First come, first served.</Availability> <AvailabilityAttributes> <AvailabilityType>unknown</AvailabilityType> <MinimumHours>672</MinimumHours> <MaximumHours>1008</MaximumHours> </AvailabilityAttributes> <IsEligibleForSuperSaverShipping>1</IsEligibleForSuperSaverShipping> </OfferListing> </Offer> </Offers> </Item>