Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

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Required Parameters

These parameters are required in every request.

Parameter Value Description
Service AWSECommerceService Specifies the Product Advertising API service.
AWSAccessKeyId Your AWS access key ID.

Every Product Advertising API request must contain an access key ID.

To retrieve your AWS access key ID, see Sign up for the Product Advertising API.

AssociateTag Amazon Associate Tag or ID.

The AssociateTag enables item URLs returned by Product Advertising API to be tagged as originating from your Associates website.

For your request to succeed and to receive a referral credit for a sale, you must include an AssociateTag value in all requests. Verify the AssociateTag is correctly added. No error is returned for incorrect values.

Operation Operation you want to perform, for example, ItemLookup. One of the Product Advertising API operation types.