Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

Returning More Information About the Offer

Perhaps you want to display more than just the cheapest offer of an item in each condition. In this case, you would use the Offers response group.

The following response snippet shows the data included for a single offer.

<Offer> <OfferAttributes> <Condition>Used</Condition> </OfferAttributes> <OfferListing> <OfferListingId>f0ctUVF4LATNxeVdXAj5g0j3UbEE%2B1gm%2Fy3ZNjJ%2BrxgGUqPn%2FNy%2BqBcVFoVLQWAugwljO5Zt9zqm865o%2BTk3zGIGDF5oWogFW7frgBq77QgTs%2Baxm%2B2gLQ%3D%3D </OfferListingId> <Price> <Amount>21995</Amount> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <FormattedPrice>$219.95</FormattedPrice> </Price> <Availability>Usually ships in 1 2 business days </Availability> <IsEligibleForSuperSaverShipping>0 </IsEligibleForSuperSaverShipping> </OfferListing> </Offer>

If you want more information about the vendor than is included in the Offers response group, use the OfferFull response group. That response group adds to the Offers response the:

  • Merchant's name

  • Merchant's nickname